Dear Friends of 2 Friends

In closing out the month of April and rolling into Spring/Summer, I’d like to wish each of you a safe, sunny, exciting Alaska summer. Whether you’re off on vacation, planting the perfect garden or flower bed or just sitting on your patio enjoying the daylight – I hope you’re happy. While we never know what life will bring day to day, we always know we can roll with the punches, dance to the music and laugh with our families. 2-Friends Gallery is here to make your life a little easier, your days a bit brighter and know you can stop in any time to chat about what’s going on with you. See you soon!


First Friday
May 1st, 5-7 pm

Featured Artist:
Jackie Kramer

Jackie is a wedding and portrait photographer who also happens to possess a penchant for flowers, birds, and scenery. Her love of photography began at age 16 when her dad brought back a Nikkormat from Japan.
Flowers, like people, have unique personalities and she strives to create images which portray this in a painterly, albiet realistic style. Jackie splits her time between Alaska and Florida. Enjoy!

We’ll have Jackie’s photography wall art available and several selections of notecards that are perfect for graduation, Mother’s Day and upcoming weddings.

This show combines Jackie’s life-long love of flowers and her photographic art.

The Tulip Series makes its premier at 2 Friends Gallery on Friday, May 1st. We’re excited!

The series consists of a dramatic Winter collection of tulips light-painted in Alaska earlier this year, and an enchantingly light Spring collection, shot in the Skagit Valley in April.


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